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Hospitality Source is a strategic global sourcing company, hotel supplier and custom goods manufacturer dedicated to helping hotels and restaurants reduce hotel FF&E and operating costs by importing from high quality vendors overseas. Hotel purchasing has never been more critical as hotels and restaurants protect their bottom line from rising labor, energy and facility costs.

Operations and Hotel Purchasing are being asked to find cost savings wherever possible. Hospitality Source can be part of the solution. Whether purchasing hotel operational supplies or custom hotel FF&E, our large group of factories in Asia have what you need at a significant savings. No longer is it necessary to pay the huge markups of hotel and restaurant distributors and vendors. Your company can benefit by factory direct hotel purchasing because Hospitality Source does all the work.

New Construction, Renovations and Capital Purchasing
Major Capital projects are becoming more and more difficult to justify as land, building and hotel FF&E prices rise. As the market becomes more competitive, guests are expecting better quality hotel amenities and custom products that make their stay more enjoyable. Whether it’s a ground up construction project or just a periodic face lift, Hospitality Source can help your hotel FF&E budget go much further. Hospitality Source can be your hotel supplier for hospitality furniture, hotel amenities and high quality building and finishing products for public spaces, hotel rooms and restaurants. Our range of products include everything from custom furniture and lighting to floor coverings and décor items.

Next time you have a new construction or remodel project, allow us to help, starting in the design and procurement phase. You will be surprised at how much will be saved compared to other suppliers and vendors!

Hotel Group and Chain Purchasing
Outside purchases of hotel supplies and materials used and consumed daily at your hotels make up a big portion of total operating expenses. What if you could cut those operational costs (OS&E), by 20% to 50%, without increasing inventory, warehouse space or staff?

From operational supplies like toiletries and textile products to pens, stationary and room key cards, Hospitality Source can find, develop, negotiate, produce, package and ship the highest quality goods. We can ship factory direct or warehouse products at huge savings, so even modest sized hotel groups can enjoy these hotel purchasing benefits.

Hospitality Source can also offer you a vast array of brand approved hospitality furniture, hotel FF&E and construction components at a significant discount. Whether purchasing high-end custom hotel FF&E or trying to purchase inexpensive, high quality FF&E, we can offer huge cost savings over the competition.

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